July 06, 2010

It’s been a great week

Hi there, anyone who cares to read this! I don’t usually speak about my personal life or what I did and do, just because I think that nobody actually cares about my life, which is totally fine, haha. But this past week happened to be a particularly good one, so I wanted to say it here.

 Every Thursday I travel to the countryside for work, to a place called Saladillo, about 200km away from the city center. I leave home early in the morning, take a charter bus and start work as soon as I get there. I teach English in companies, by the way. I always spend the whole day there, sleep in a lovely hotel and work until Friday 5:30PM. I then take a charter bus back home at 6PM and get home at about 11PM. It’s a long ride, but I love the experience of leaving the city and forgetting about all my worries (they’re not that many, anyway, just my dad). My dad had a stroke 6 years ago, so he’s not quite here; I mean he is, but he can’t speak or move well, he’s definitely not the person he used to be. My sister and I are fully responsible for taking care of him; we have to cook his meals, make sure he takes his medicine every day, etc, etc. (My mom passed away 2 years ago).

Sorry, that was just some background information. Coming back to the main topic of this post, this week started off great in the country. As I was saying, I started going to this place for work, but I happened to meet lots of lovely people who later became my friends. Now, not only do I go there to earn my living, but also to share some fun time with the kindest and “funnest” people ever!

They invited me to a party organized by one of my students. There was a free bar (yay!) and lots of good music and friendly people. I took my good old friend Val, who’d been asking me to take her to Saladillo; we had a blast! We ate a lot and drank a lot, especially Val, haha. We had about 9 or 10 drinks each one; she got totally wasted. I still don’t understand why alcohol doesn’t seem to have the same effect on me as it does on others! I was buzzed enough to dance and be goofy but I didn’t feel sick or anything and I remember everything that happened that night, ha.
These are some pics we took in Saladillo. They’re dark because my camera’s flash needs to be fixed :(. I also took my Holga cfn 120 (by Lomo), but I haven’t developed those pics, yet.

We took these in a huge nursery.

At the party. These are Cheli and Loli, two of the most hilarious people I’ve ever met!

These are three of my students and Cheli, my friend.

The morning after the party. Here’s Val in front of the church.

Cheli came to the terminal to say goodbye and wish us a nice trip back home :).

It was also my sister’s birthday. I don’t usually hang out with her friends (or with people at all, haha), but I decided to join them (she’d said I couldn’t refuse her invitation, so …). We went to a Mexican restaurant and had a great time.

We ate a lot.

There were lots of laughs, as you can see.

Then we went to Neo Cultural to have some cake. It was a lovely place, but super dark! Upstairs, there were big couches (almost beds) for couples to cuddle.

Oh, and Argentina lost against Germany in the World Cup, which was a bummer, but I’ve already got over it. Thank God I’d had a great week :).


Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures! I'm happy you spent such a good time :-))

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

this looks like so much fun! your pictures are sweet :)
hugs to you!

Ashley said...

your boots are so cute!