July 10, 2010

Independence Day

Last night, July 9th, was Argentina’s Independence Day. I celebrated it with a relaxed dinner with Val at Deep Blue and a great concert (Francisco Bochatón's) with Giselle. While we were waiting to get in, we ran into another designer, Marina! We had a really good time.

I wore my new Pesqueira dress. I love the chihuahuas on it :).

And I got the song list after the show =)!

I’m sure most of you don’t know Francisco Bochatón, but you should get to know him! He’s one of the greatest indie singers in Argentina. Here’s his MySpace


elatsyrk said...

Thanks for this! I'm always looking for new artists especially those who sing in spanish.

Anonymous said...

Me encantó conocer la música de Bochatón! La sala de ND Ateneo es re linda!! :-)