July 20, 2010

I use different names at Starbucks

I don’t like Starbucks mainly for two reasons:
1) I’d rather have coffee in a nice coffee store that’s not a chain.
2) I enjoy coffee more when it comes in a real cup, not a paper one.

However, the truth is that I sometimes don’t have time to sit and drink my coffee calmly or I need to use a restroom and the easiest way to have access to one is to buy something cheap. In both cases, my first option is Starbucks, because let’s face it; although their coffee is not the best in the world, it is way better than Mc Donald’s.

A few weeks ago, I thought it’d be fun to use different names. They hardly ever get my name right anyway, haha. So I came up with some names that I love for different reasons.

Why? Because “Isobel” is probably my favorite song by Bjork.

Why? Because I LOVE Kate Winslet in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”! “Clementine” was her character's name. Trailer

Why? Because my sister used to say I was MTV’s Daria when I was in high school (that is true, by the way, I used to look like her).

Why? Hello? Does Polly Jean Harvey ring a bell to you? Yes, PJ Harvey.

Why? I’ve always loved Pulp and “Deborah” is the girl they sing about in “Disco 2000”.

By the way, these are all names quite challenging for a Spanish speaking person; I’m surprised they got them all right.


ferminadaza said...

This is so clever haha I remember watching daria as well.

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Lol that is so funny! Just randomly choosing names. hehe! Your name isnt that difficult, places get mine wrong all the time too, maybe I should try this.

Daisy Dayz Home

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

that is SO funny! they always spell my name wrong, too, so maybe i should start doing this!!

Miki said...

Thank you, girls! It was fun to hear them call me different names, haha :).

I don't understand why the misspell my name: Micky, Micki even Mickey.

Have fun!

Lillí said...

Great post!

Ashley said...

Aww this is funny. Ur so cute!

muchlove said...

that sounds like a fun thing to do! I have a friend who always used my name (Anna) when going to Starbucks because it's so easy to say and write, haha..

lou said...

I do the same. They never get Lourdes right, so I use Alicia.

Rachele said...

Brilliant! The photos are cute :)

Corina said...

Haha... this is so funny!
I may borrow the idea some time ;)
Have a nice day!

Katie said...

OMG! That is so funny! I love it, though! Did you go to the same Starbucks? Or different ones?

Katie said...

Oh! And I forgot to add, I LOVED daria ! I had a friend who looked like her, too. hehe :D