July 13, 2010

Getting ready to take off

Today was a good day. I didn’t have to work much, so I had some spare time to go to Barrio Norte to get a couple of things for my trip. I actually needed to buy one single item, but, hmm, hmm, I ended up buying a couple more.

 I headed to Barrio Norte, one of the prettiest neighborhoods in town, which is where you have the widest variety in terms of décor and cool stuff.

Before going to the store I had in mind, I couldn’t help entering one of the new stores in the area: The Pick Market, where you can find lots of gourmet products and cool looking vegetables.
Did I buy anything here?


I walked about 20 meters from there and then found the store I was looking for: Pink Elephant. Here's a link to its website.

I went in search for one of these luggage tags.

I do need a tag, then why not get one which is pretty?
So, I got a plastic tag shaped like an old suitcase. Unfortunately, I didn't find the one with the cat or the camera, but this one will work just fine.

I was ready to walk towards the checkout, pay and leave … but something else caught my eye! Well, actually some (space) things.

Aren’t these the sweetest salt and pepper shakers? We’d bought some ghost shaped ones when David came here the last time, but one of them broke (he’s already using them) and I told him I was going to buy the same ones, but I like these ones better.

Last but not least, these are some decorative tiles; stickers to liven up the walls. We have no money at all to go too creative in the new condo, but we’re thinking of low-budget ideas to add our personal touch to it.

If you have any cool and cheap décor ideas, they’ll be more than welcome! Thanks in advance :).


Kim-Anh Nguyen ART said...

those luggage tags are so cute!!! i want them all!

ce said...

i think it's so cool you're taking little decor things from argentina.
it will most certainly help you feel more at home faster!! :-)

i have tons of cheap decor ideas! let me know what are some of your needs!!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness i need one of those luggage tags!

Ashley said...

I love the pig one! aww so cute! Those salt and pepper shakers are pretty awesome too!

Miki's scrapbook said...

Hey, thank you all for the comments! :) As for the luggage tags, they're from Kikkerland, here's a link to their shop The tags are not available yet, I found them under "new" in Kikkerland's site, so I guess you'll find them soom. I'm sure that at a much cheaper price than here, I paid almost 8 dollars for mine, which is too much for what it is.


Anonymous said...

Conocía esta boutique pero nunca entré :-) Qué lindo lo que venden!! Muy lindas fotos de Barrio Norte!

Miki's scrapbook said...

Gracias, G! Tenés que ir a chusmear, hay cosas hermosas (pero caras, snif), sobre todo lo de Kikkerland, una marca holandesa, creo.

Te mando un abrazo!