July 11, 2010

Before I move to California

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned the fact that I’ll be moving to the US very soon, to California, to be more precise. I still don’t have a plane ticket since my K1 visa is not ready yet, but David, that’s my fiancé, and I have been filling out forms and handing in information for a while now. We’re in the very last stage, so I guess the big day will arrive in no time.

As I was filling out the very last form (I hope!), it finally sank in that, OMG! I still have plenty of things to do! I realized that I was leaving the country (and my family, friends, job, etc.) a long time ago, but it is one thing to know that it’s going to happen and a very different one to be ready for such a big step. I know I am sure about this big decision and I’m really looking forward to the big day, but it’s also hard to say my goodbies, pack my whole life in a suitcase and start anew from square one in a completely different environment.

I know I have David, the kindest man I’ve ever met and love of my life, to help me; but let’s face it, it’s a huge challenge and certainly not an easy one and there will be things that I’ll have to do and process on my own. Anyways, to sum things up, the purpose of this is to try to organize the things that I still need to do before I leave. I’ll use this blog as a journal where I’ll write my checklists and who knows? Maybe I can even get some help from you. I’ve been to the States only once, so I don’t know much about it and I have some experience taking planes and visiting different countries, but not that much. It’d be super helpful to get tips from you as to I don’t know, practically anything!

OK, I’ll stop speaking my mind now because I’m starting to freak out, haha! Well, not really, but I sometimes find this whole thing a little bit overwhelming. But before I take off, let me introduce you to “us”, i.e. David and me.

This was taken on David’s first trip to Buenos Aires. We met on MySpace, by the way.

We then got engaged.

I went to California to meet his family, friends and visit the place.

And this was taken the last time he came here.


daisymay aka Chantele said...

Wow thats a huge step to make for love, and an amazing one. Good for you, following your heart. Hope you have a great time!
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Ashley said...


This is so exciting!

ce said...

you guys are adorable, you know you still make me believe that love is possible!!

i wish you so much good fortune when you finally take the big step!!

to get you started on something... start checking out how many luggage you can carry being that you are moving there I think it's a little bit different than for tourists.


Miki's scrapbook said...

Thank so much, girls! =D

elatsyrk said...

Good luck in California! I hear it's beautiful there.

To reply to your comment- Yea, I'm half dominican, so I love listening to songs that are in spanish. I like tons of music jazz, r&b, indie rock, trip-hop, electronic. I've never heard of Godiva's actually! I'm gonna check out Entre Rios though. I'm really into spanish gypsy music like Chambao, Ojos de Brujo and Diego El Cigala, have you heard of them?

My Owl Barn said...

Welcome to the United States! I love California. You'll love the weather, and people are so warm and helpful. Good luck with the move!

Lillí said...

Wow! Break a leg!

jamilah said...

i stumbled upon your blog via the comment you left on lululetty (on my pictures I took of Maria&Cole)...
but after reading this post... i feel very excited for you... it reminded me of my big move (although not as big as yours) -- left family & friends to move 1,300 miles for a job... it's a lot to take in, and lots of adjustments... also many homesick moments... but totally worth it! good luck with everything...
ps: i travel for wedding photography if you ever need one ;-)

Miki's scrapbook said...

Hi, Jamilah! Thank you so much for your words and I'll keep in mind that you're a photographer! =D

黃愛玲 said...

I met my husband on myspace, as well. =o) I can relate to this. I'll be moving to Taiwan (where my husband grew up). We're not living in South Florida. I moved here from Maine for love.

Congratulations. =o)