July 27, 2010

5 websites I like from 5 different countries

1) From Argentina:
This site lets you flip through magazines from all over the world. They’re grouped in different subjects and you can zoom the imagines in so you’re able to read even the small print.

2) From Australia:
There’re lots of different cards, note pads and whatever kind of stationery you might think of. I particularly love the following mouth watering items!

3) From Finland:
They post about cutting edge fashion and not only that, they also teach you how to get the look they’re posting about. They also sell amazing items online.

4)From the UK:
I’ve only had access to its online version which is great; there are lots of nice and original videos and pictures. It’s a delight to anybody’s eyes.

5) From the USA:
Rococo’s posts are unique; the collages they make are breath taking, the print they use is beautiful and they tell stories about the pictures. I can’t explain what this is about, you have to click the link and check for yourself. They have an Etsy shop where you can get vintage clothes.


cecilia olive said...

very cool websites!!!!!!!!

Ashley said...

Neat! Those paper things are really awesome!!!