June 01, 2010

Put on your coat if you’re coming to BA!

It’s fall here in Argentina, so it’s starting to get cold. Too cold for me! I hate the fact that we have very low temperatures in Buenos Aires city but it never snows =(. I also hate wearing thick clothes because I’m kind of chubby and they make me look even bigger; but I guess I have no other choice.

What I wore yesterday:

* A Pink coat I bought in a market in Japan 6 years ago. It was super cheap. It’s very old and I should get rid of it, but I can’t, it’s warm! =)

* Vintage burgundy pants.

* A black and white top by Vitamina.

* A black turtle neck by Cocot.

* Pink shoes with bears on top of them by independent designer Luz Principe. They came with a pin shaped like a bear, but I've never worn it yet.

* For work and mostly everything I do, I need to wear my old Vogue glasses. Now that I think about it, it’s time I bought new ones!

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