June 05, 2010

Pieces of darkness???

Nothing seemed different this time in the country. As usual, I had some time to fool around and take a couple of pics in my hotel room after dinner.

I took a shower, watched some TV and then went to sleep.

I thought I was going to have a nice sleep as I usually do, but in the middle of the night, I was awaken by some weird noise that came from the upward part of my room.

I looked up and saw some dark butterflies coming out of the air shaft!

I tried to fall back asleep but after a few minutes, I heard something again.

This time I was a bit more scared that before.

The noise came from somewhere else.

I realized that someone or something had opened the closet door.

I thought it was a dream, I shook my head and when I looked back at the door, I noticed that some black cats had escaped from the closet to one of the pictures in the room!

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marii said...

eheh thanks!! I'm really mad for this shoes...and it seems strange, but are so comfortable, I prefer them to the heels!!

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