June 07, 2010

I like being perky and want other people to be perky too

People know me for being shy, not very talkative, but above all, for being perky. I feel happy and consider myself to be very lucky. Yes, even though I lost my mom all of a sudden almost two years ago and my dad had a stroke which changed him completely … “I know I am a very lucky lady. Life can be tough at times but that’s part of it”, that’s what Poppy said in Happy-Go-Lucky and I totally agree.

There’s always a reason to smile and a reason to be thankful for; because, hey! What you have today may disappear tomorrow. Or, looking at it from a different angle, I’m sure lots of people would like to have what you already do and they lack. This can refer to something material or some skill or gift, or not even that, love, friends or something you just have that can be considered an asset: I don’t know, self confidence, you name it.

Anyways, before I keep going round the bushes, my point is: yes, I’m happy, cheerful and aside from that, I want other people to be happy, cheerful and to find a reason to smile. That’s what I tried to do yesterday afternoon: to make people smile. So I prepared some silly signs, put on some colorful clothes and stuck the signs all over my neighborhood.

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Kara said...

this is like the coolest thing ever!!