June 02, 2010

A giant woolen dress to put up with this cold weather

Today I had to leave home at 7AM when the sun had not risen yet. I was determined not to be affected by this horrible cold weather so I put on my giant woolen dress. It’s probably not the most fashionable or the prettiest item I own, but it’s proven to be the warmest one.

I had the unexpected chance to come back home for lunch before my next class and I was planning to change clothes, but now that I think about it, I might just not; it’ll get colder later in the evening.

BTW, I look mean but I'm not, haha!

I'm wearing:

A woolen dress by Paula Cahen Danvers
A generic black turtle neck
Black pants by Try Me
A woolen necklace by Fiorini Wichmacki
 Black shoes by Sibyl Vane

For those who don’t know Paula Cahen Danvers, here’s the brand’s current lookbook.

I love the fact that they used a song by Camera Obscura!

And this is the video you can see when you access Paula's website.

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