June 30, 2010

Pimping cardboard bags

I tend to keep everything: old magazines, pictures and articles I cut from leaflets and brochures, different kinds of wrappings, free postcards, tags, cardboard bags, you name it! It’s really hard for me to get rid of these things that most people would call “garbage”. There are some items of the above mentioned that I rarely see again (unless I happen to open one of the boxes where I keep all the “junk”), and others which I use all the time such as cardboard bags, for instance.

I keep all the cardboard bags I’m given when I go shopping and later use them to carry books, photocopies, whatever. As I was choosing one to put my scarf and a few manila envelopes the other day, I realized that I could easily make them look prettier. So I grabbed some ribbons, colored glue, scissors, pictures and wool and decided to pimp them.

Here’s the outcome:

For the first bag, I used a wide piece of red ribbon and for the second one, pictures I cut from fashion magazines, which I later glued to the bag.

I wanted to make a “blackboard” so I could write a checklist; for that purpose, I used black, thick cardboard and a white chalk. I also made some pompoms in different shades of pink to match the tall bag. If you don't know how to make pompoms, here's a useful tutorial.

Finally, for the last two, I used pink ribbon and colored glue.

June 29, 2010

I like bows

And since we, Argentinians, love soccer and we’re still playing in the World Cup, I made a few bows with our flag to cheer for our country.

I left some in my hotel room in the country

and round my neighborhood.

June 23, 2010

Keeping an eye on people

Playing with these eyes was fun! I wish you could see the way they move.

Oh, yes, I have a super old cell phone! I don’t mind not having a modern one.

My dad’s sneakers, shh.

I hope the waitress didn’t get pissed by this.

My sister will probably kill me when she sees this, hehe.

June 22, 2010

Paper clothes

This month has been tougher than others in terms of how much money I needed to spend on bills. I couldn’t waste much money on more interesting things such as clothes, accessories and other absolutely unnecessary things that make me happy (I don’t consider myself a materialistic person, but let’s face it: I work to earn my living but I also like pampering myself a bit). The other day, I realized that lots of other girls may be in my same situation especially this time of the month; so I had a little idea.

A few weeks ago, I was bored all alone in my hotel room in the countryside. I had one of my favorite magazines and as I flicked through its pages, I thought I could cut the little pieces of clothing and leave them as gifts for those girls who, like me, can’t afford to buy as many clothes as they’d like to.

I’ve cut lots and lots of items!

Once back home, I prepared a few envelopes and came up with some cool outfits.

I left a “rope” in the closet in my hotel room last Friday.
I left an envelope at my neighbor’s door.
I dropped a few envelopes in a nice café.

I hid a couple more in magazines in a restaurant.

I left a “mini closet” on the sink in its restroom.
And I hid the last envelope in the towel dispenser.