May 04, 2010

Window shopping and a movie

I wasn’t going to do anything at all on Sunday, but my sister invited me to the movies so we went to the mall and spent the whole afternoon together.

There was nothing on we really wanted to see; “Date Night” was about to start when we got to the box office, so we chose to see that one. It was better than we’d expected. We laughed a lot.

Here’s the last scene of the movie. Yeah, I totally want to ruin it for you.
(Haha, kidding. This tells you nothing about it)

After the movie, I had the chance to meet some M&Ms. They were cool.
Although the red one was a bit naughty!
We didn’t buy anything in the mall, but we spent a good deal of time just window-shopping. These are the items that caught my eye.

Some colorful rain boots.

A funny sign.

A folk woolen coat.

Some black stockings with hearts on them.

Black leg warmers

Weird shoes/boots.

Before heading home, we had some coffee at Starbucks. This was my first time there. It was quite ok, the perfect closure to a nice afternoon with my sis.

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