May 24, 2010

Shoes made in Argentina

I’m not sure if people bother to read or see what’s on my page, but I’m having fun posting things from my country so I’ll keep doing it.

This time I’ve chosen one of most girls’ favorite items: shoes! God knows how much I personally love them and how much money I’ve spent on them. But a girl can never have enough shoes, right?

These are the stores I always go to when planning to get myself some lovely footwear.

My goal, as with clothes, is always to get a pair that will be owned by the fewest people possible, that’s why Luz Principe is always my first choice. She doesn’t have stores you can see from the street; she receives people in her private showroom located on a 7th floor. She only makes a few pairs per size, so that guarantees that no more than, I don’t know, ten people will own that same design. You sure have to hurry when you see something you like, because you’re likely to no longer find it when you make it to the store. She makes the same shoes in different patterns, so it’s a good idea to go visit Luz from time to time to take a look at what she has at the moment.

She used to be a very well known model; I’m not sure whether she still rocks the runway, but has now become more popular as a shoe designer. As far as I know, she only owns one store located in Palermo, one of Buenos Aires' hot spots for shopping. Again, you can’t see her store from the street; you have to go up some old winding stairs, ring the bell and wait for someone to open the door for you.

Aren’t her boots just amazing?

This independent brand has become popular thanks to Facebook (that’s how I heard about it) and to Calatolgue magazine, which has advertised many of its designs. I still haven’t bought anything from Rios Benson, but I’m sure I will soon.

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