May 11, 2010

San Isidro

This weekend, I walked around my neighborhood and took some pictures. San Isidro is one of Buenos Aires’ most beautiful and expensive areas (mind you: I live in the dodgy end, haha). I don’t usually go sightseeing, but when I do, I realize that I tend to take my neighborhood for granted.

 Even tourists from all over the world bother to come here to visit the old quarter, the cathedral, this side of La Plata River and its several stores and cool restaurants. I particularly love these last two.

This is one of the many antique shops located on Libertador Av.
Huija: you can buy colorful shoes and clothes here.
I couldn't help buying these boots
and this wide belt.
I also tried on some more clothes in a different store.
I bought this black T-shirt. I like it because it has a heart!
A pet shop.
Someone's barbecue got out of control, hehe.
Poor Winnie the Pooh, he couldn't take the pressure.
Lunch with my sister at Kansas.
We ordered some drinks and barbecued ribs.
They were delicious!
The hippie fair.

Another fair in a bar.
I bought this coat. It was a bargain!
I had lots of fun this weekend!

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