May 23, 2010

Made in Argentina

When it comes to fashion, I must admit that I feel proud to be Argentinian. I’ll start posting pictures of my favorite Argentinian designers every now and then so that you get to see what fashion is all about over here. Now, let me introduce you to three of the most talented female designers, in my humble opinion.

 She is known for her asymmetric and perfect dressmaking. Although her items are quite pricey (to someone like me, anyway!), I’ve managed to buy a beautiful vintage looking dress which I’m planning to wear the day I get married :). Shh, let’s not tell David about it! ;)

Most people think this brand’s clothes are unaffordable, but I’ve found many items at reasonable prices during the sales. They’ve all paid off so far; I mean, they’re good quality stuff plus cutting edge.

I’ve never had the chance to buy her clothes or even take a peek at her store, but I usually enter her website and delight my eyes with the beautiful pictures in her page.


Jx said...

my boss is travelling to Argentina on a research trip in June, I'm so jealous! x

Miki said...

Oh, that's great! I'm sure she'll have fun. She can contact me if she wants someone to tell her which cool places to go to. And I'd certainly like to show the city round to you! :)