May 25, 2010

Catch a Tuesday

Since it’s Tuesday, I thought I’d post this video today. It’s an advertising campaign by Oliver Peoples Eyewear, featuring Zooey Deschanel.

It’s not any random Tuesday here in Argentina; it's a public holiday, a pretty big one. On May 25th, 1810 Argentinian citizens expelled the Spanish viceroy Cisneros and established a provincial government for Argentina. It’s been 200 years, so there have been celebrations everywhere.

I was planning to go to the city and take part in some of them, but erm, as you can see, I just stayed home and did nothing =/.

Well, I actually did something. I talked to my aunt Sachiko and we had some tea together. She’s such a sweetheart! Ever since my mom passed away almost two years ago (wow! It’s been so long …), she’s been visiting my sister, my dad and me, and bringing supplies from the Japanese market. This time, she’s brought rice, ramen, cake, turnip, salmon sushi and she even cooked some pork soup for us! What an angel! =)

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