April 06, 2010

The Story Behind this Picture

I don’t think this is a good picture; it’s actually a pretty bad one, but I love the story behind it. I took it on March 27th at MOTT, a nice bar in Palermo. Val had texted me a few days before to say she wanted to buy a nice leather bag for her mom. I knew they sold pretty leather bags in an outlet in Palermo so we arranged to meet near the store that Saturday.

As usual, it took me forever to put on my make up and it turned out that what I’d originally decided to wear didn’t fit me anymore (I’ve put on some weight). I felt SO frustrated! (I always do when this happens to me). I started going through my whole wardrobe and nothing seemed to fit. In short, I grabbed a random black shirt, put it on, then moved on to my black denim skirt, after that I laced up my new (and gorgeous looking, hehe) boots and … took my bear-shaped bag. A very bad choice of items, I know …

The clock kept ticking, so I had no choice but to leave with that hideous look. I tried not to feel so self-conscious because you know, sometimes you don’t actually look as hideous as you think you do, it’s all in your head. But I guess in this case, I WAS actually hideous. I didn’t need to ask anybody, I could just tell by the look on people’s faces. It was too late to go back home and change, so I realized that my only resource was to text Val and ask her to put on something ridiculous too, because I didn’t want to be the only one! I remember I said I looked too “Harajuku”, haha.

I finally arrived at the spot where we were supposed to meet, and to my surprise, when I saw Val coming I noticed that she’d actually followed my instructions. She didn’t look as bad as I did, but I could certainly tell she’d at least tried to pull an awkward outfit. She was wearing a black shirt, a purple skirt and jeans underneath the skirt! Not to mention her old black shoes she used to wear when she was 18!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I personally think that this is a good example of what a great friend she is. Once we were together, I didn’t mind about my clothes anymore. We bought a lovely leather bag for her mom, she bought me a pretty vintage looking bag (which I’m going to wear when I get married =P) and on top of that, we had a great time at MOTT. We took this picture in the bathroom right before we left.


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, Miki!!! You looked great to me, but I noticed everyone was looking at me anywhere we went, so it was somehow mission accomplished since no strangers eyes where on you giving you no weird look.. whoaaaaaaaahahaha

You forgot I had something red around my neck! In such a hot and humid day..Tee hee hee ;P

But, thank you so much for coming with me!!! I can't thank you enough, honestly, my mum is now using her bag everyday :D

Please, lets meet in Harajuku one of these days ;) pofavooooooooooooooo!!!! ^^

Miki said...

Awe! You made it here! =D I had a wonderful day that Saturday. Oh, my! We definitely have to meet in Harajuku!!! That'd be SO much fun! I need to buy lots of things there, hehe.

Thanks for everything: for having dressed like that (I remembered about the neckerchief last night!), for such a nice evening and most of all, for being with me always. You're my best friend, my family, my sister, you know that. I love you!

By the way, I didn't know Twitter was compatible with blogspot!

Anonymous said...

I am back!! this place it lots of fun, Soki looks so funny *lol* Thank you for your words, I was the luckiest to meet you! You are my guiding light! I just noticed that the present I bought for Hiro in that day, is Rudolf :P