April 02, 2010

Stop Motion

Stop motion or frame-by-frame animation is an affordable way to make a cool looking video, but it certainly takes loads of time to record it and edit it!

I saw “Lost Things” starring Alison Sudol in a blog a few weeks ago. Both the song and the video stuck in my mind immediately. I thought that talking about this technique was a good excuse to post it in my blog too ;-).

Stop motion animation in music video “Her Morning Elegance”, by Oren Lavie.

In an Amazon Kindle TV ad.

With Post It notes.

ESPERANZA from Joakin Fargas on Vimeo.

By PES, an expert on this matter.

Legos and Rubik’s cubes are also highly used in the making of stop motion videos.

1 comment:

Scorpio78 said...

That´s a wonderful way to make videos.
Shoot, move, shoot, move, shoot (constant editing, in every frame).
I remember doing it in the past. It´s hard to make, but the result, priceless.