April 02, 2010

I wonder if Dimitri feels threatened by so many colorful cats!

The sky’s been dark all morning; hence, Dimitri hasn’t even bothered to wake up. But I had a wonderful idea! I decided to call up some colorful buddies of mine and encourage them to take over Dimitri’s blanket.

This is what happened …

He was sound asleep when they got there.

They made themselves at home right away ...

… which totally took him off guard and kind of annoyed him.

Then, he thought to himself, “YAY! I have new friends to play with!”

I guess my buddies could tell Dimitri wasn't dangerous, because they took over the blanket AND Dimitri himself!

I got a bit worried about the situation, but he just … went back to sleep, ooh!

1 comment:

Scorpio78 said...

Just like Luna, sleeping, posing, and sleeping again.