April 10, 2010

Going through my Luz Principe shoes for no reason

I LOVE shoes! Which girl doesn’t? I always try to buy footwear that is owned by the fewest people possible, that’s why I like going to independent designers’ showrooms and pick from their limited editions.
Most of the pairs I own were designed by Luz Principe. These are my favorite ones:

These are unbelievably comfortable.
These ones come with a third bear you can clip to your coat or bag.
These ones aren't easy to match, but I love them regardless.
Fun summer shoes.
Informal and comfortable.
Hearts, hearts and more hearts.
These ones hurt my feet ... but I don't care.
Flat and cute.


Jim said...

i loved the last

Miki's scrapbook said...

Thanks! Those ones are super comfortable, I've worn them a lot.

María Inés said...

I love you shoes!!!!!