April 07, 2010

The Food Revolution

Food, especially eating food, has always been an issue in my life. I had to struggle with obesity at an early age and still am struggling to keep my weight within healthy limits. A few days ago, I spoke with my friend Val about how hard it is to keep a healthy diet, what to eat and what not to eat to be as healthy as one could possibly be, and coincidentally, today as I was looking for videos to show in one of my classes, I found this one.

This is just a short promo of Jamie Oliver’s TV program, “The Food Revolution”. I’m sure most of you are aware of who Jamie Oliver is, but if you aren’t, here ( ) you can find more information about what he does. After watching this brief video, I got interested in this TV program and Jamie’s mission. Simply put, Jamie’s goal is to beat obesity by means of education, by teaching both adults and kids to cook and eat well, and to try to convince school authorities to offer healthier food to their students. By means of his TV show and money that came from his own pocket, he’s been able to convince local governments and small sponsoring companies to invest in changing the school food program in Huntington, West Virginia, the unhealthiest city in America.

Here’s an inspirational video where you can see Jamie putting forward his ideas.

If you’re in the USA and feel like contributing to this cause, you can sign Jamie’s petition here:

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