April 17, 2010

Another rainy day in Buenos Aires.

I love rainy days … as long as I don’t have to commute and can stay in bed as much as I want, hehe, like today! YAY!

This is the view from one of my windows.

I think it’s a great day to ...

… eat yummy cupcakes from Les Croquants

… while listening to Travis’ song “Why Does It Always Rain On Me?”

And then watch “Garden State”. I can’t get over this movie; I’ve seen it a dozen times.

It’s also kind of cold, so it’s a good idea to keep your feet warm with these kick ass socks/slippers by La Braga.

I'll probably do all these things and then go back to sleep, aaaah.

1 comment:

Scorpio78 said...

The perfect excuse to do nothing.
Rainy days are cool, though they suck when you have to come out