March 31, 2010

I’m kind of a kidult.

No, I don’t wear diapers anymore or suck my thumb (not even when I’m scared and there’s no one around!); but when it comes to fashion, I must admit that I tend to choose items that somehow take me back to my childhood.

According to a kidult is “A so-called grown-up who doesn't want to grow up (or at least act like an adult) and would instead prefer so-called "children's" stuff for entertainment, like cartoons, toys, comic books, etc. He or she also enjoys colorful "kiddie" snacks like breakfast cereal and Spaghetti-O's and dresses like a teenager or perhaps younger …”

I started thinking about this Peter Pan Syndrome more deeply, especially about how it manifests in fashion, music and TV. I had lots of fun doing so!

Yeah, I totally dig this style …

As for the fashion world, Tarina Tarantino is probably the designer who brought this trend to Hollywood with her Hello Kitty pieces of jewelry. Music and movie stars such as Katy Perry and Cameron Diaz wear her necklaces, pins and hair bands even on the red carpet. Tarina has different lines (“Acid Alice”, “Barbie”, just to mention a couple), all of which can be purchased in stores and on-line.

Bridal necklace.

Jennifer Garner wearing a butterfly necklace in “13 Going on 30”.

From the Acid Alice collection.

In Argentina, my favorite stores which nail this style are Pesqueira tm and Objeto. DAM is also one of my favorite stores and usually comes up with playful designs.

Pesqueira tm

PESQUEIRA TM SUMMER 010 from Joakin Fargas on Vimeo.

Objeto and

DAM and

Regarding music, the first song that comes to my mind is inevitably, “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” by The Ramones. But in order to post a video of a song that is not so popular (at least here in Argentina), I want to introduce you to Lacrosse, a Swedish band that I really like.

There are lots and lots of TV series which characters behave like kids, but I’ll mention one of my favorite ones right now.

The Office
I love Jim and Dwight’s relationship and the pranks Jim plays on Dwight, hehe.

If you want to check if you’re a kidult too, here’s a link to test yourself. (by Philip Pullman),5961,638109,00.html

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Scorpio78 said...

As I´m walking through the 30 something, I´ve realized that´s what I am. As a matter of fact I never left my childhood toys, must be somewhere... if only I had the time.
I did the kidult test, I´m actually an adolescent (only in my head, buh!).