March 08, 2010

I love her style.

If I could choose anybody’s wardrobe, I’d totally pick Zooey Deschanel’s. This 30-year old American actress is among my favorite artists in terms of style. She is, in my opinion, a great actress and quite a good singer as well. Liked by both males and females, she has an interesting rèsumè and I believe her most interesting jobs are yet to come.

I remember she first caught my eye when I saw her as a bottle blonde supermarket employee in “The Good Girl”. I haven’t seen all her films, but when I am at Blockbuster wondering what movies to choose, Zooey’s always have a great chance of coming home with me.

She’s got great features to carry a 40’s kind of look with dignity and she can also be a girl next door with an interesting twist.

“Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?” By her band “She & Him”.

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