March 31, 2010

The Bicentenary

EA Moda is a fashion school which is always present in Argentina’s most important fashion events. This time at the BAAM (Buenos Aires Alta Moda), we had the chance to see a fashion parade which motto was the Bicentenary.

The designers’ creations were not meant to reproduce the exact garments that were worn 200 years ago, their task was to reinterpret the issue of the colonization and embody those features that represent our idiosyncrasy in their creations.

The fashion parade was divided into different categories portraying the clothes worn in colonial times, those worn by the grenadiers, colorful pieces to represent the “carnavilito” and other ones connected with tango.

These are my favorite pieces of clothing:


This was probably my favorite look.


Guarda Pampa

I want to have Sole Solaro's legs! Hehe.

This is the kind of skirt that I'd definitely buy!

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Giselle said...

Me gustaron los looks "grenadiers" y "carnavalito"!